Infusion aftermath

Infusion aftermath

Yesterday was a very rough day. I’ve been sleeping good so that’s a plus. I was able to exercise because that is never an option. I would say around 12 o’clock it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe not even bricks, more like a Mack truck. I just was fatigued in every single muscle and joint. Even moving to go to the bathroom was so difficult. Anyone with MS knows that feeling. However this one was like times 100. There was one time, in the transfer, I didn’t make it and I was on the floor.

Thankfully my aide was here. As I even tried, I knew my body had absolutely no energy to get me up. Even with my aide’s help I knew there was just no way I was getting up the normal way I would. I knew not to expel all my energy attempting and failing to get up. She was really good too, she waited for me to gain my composure as well as footing. She gave me the space to maneuver myself into a better position all the while standing right there. 

I’m becoming really smart with this stuff. I turned around and sat on the kickplate of my wheelchair. From there I raised the kickplate up and my aide helped me get my feet flat in front of me. It’s a good thing that my wheelchair has the power to lift my fat ass up. Kind of like this but my butt was higher Once in that position it was a matter of pulling myself up. I was able to grab my end table and my aide grabbed under my arm and I was standing in two seconds. Phew.

However, the exhaustion never left and moving was difficult. I even ate cereal for dinner because I was so overheated I couldn’t possibly eat anything that was hot. Thankfully I had another good nights sleep and woke up today feeling much more sprite. I did a nice workout and had a good sweat going on. I don’t know if that extreme fatigue will strike again but my day is clear if it does. For now it’s me and my puppies cuddled on the couch.

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