My daughter will be moving out soon

My daughter will be moving out soon

I have to say, this week seems to be flying by. I’ve been busy too without exhaustion. That’s the most important part. I’ve had some really good, sweaty workouts. I love those. I unfortunately had to once again shut the windows and turn the AC on. The way my building is situated and my windows line up, the wind direction makes a big difference. If the wind is moving away from the building than I get no air into my condo. I do hate that. When the wind is blowing and windows are open it is beautiful in here. I can’t wait to shut off the AC permanently for the year.

I am sitting with my daughter as she is applying for jobs in Maine. Maine is about 6 hours from here. She is moving in with her boyfriend at the end of the month. My daughter is beginning her life. She is moving out. I always knew this day would happen but in all honesty I didn’t expect her to move out of state. Even college she was three hours away but only an hour from my sister. She’s now going to be very far from all her family. It is very surreal to me. I am trying not to think about it too much because I don’t want to be sad. I want my daughter to have a life. I want her to follow her heart. I want her to create her own world.

My daughter lived her whole life watching her mom suffer from multiple sclerosis. Many times a lot of responsibility landed on her shoulders because of my disability. Especially when she started driving, many “favors” were requested daily. It was just easier to ask her to do something than for me to do something. This was even before my days in a wheelchair. She was given a responsibility she never had a choice about and a family that definitely held her to that responsibility. I never wanted to create resentment but at some point I definitely started asking for a lot of “favors”. I did learn to stop requesting so much from her but she still calls me anytime she’s out to see if I need anything. She really has been through enough with trying to help me all these years. It is time for her life to begin without feeling the burden of home.

I am so incredibly proud of my girl. She has overcome so many of her own obstacles. I really like her boyfriend. He is good to her but more importantly he is patient with her. I told her that no matter where she goes, her home is always here for her. I don’t know what her future holds but I know that she has a whole world she can explore.

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