NYS Long-Term Community Medicaid

NYS Long-Term Community Medicaid

Applications for Medicaid don’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t always need a lawyer. You just need the right documents and a little direction.

I worked for 13 years in nursing homes as a business office manager.  I have done hundreds of Medicaid applications.  I took my knowledge to the community when I found out what the lawyers were charging. People with simple application were spending thousands of dollars.

Today I am disabled, on Medicaid with my “excess resources” going into a 3rd party disability trust. Let me help you apply!!!

I have full understanding of:

  • Medicaid Income and resources limits for the current year
  • Required documents needed for applying
  • Both Medicaid Applications needed for this type of Medicaid which you can also get at no charge from Department of Social Services
  • Both Disability Forms
  • 3rd party trust information and application if you are income levels

Contact me Jamie  youtwohearts@yahoo.com                          516-314-5756

Let me help you!!!

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