About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Jamie. I am 45 years old. Divorced, proud mom of a 17 year old daughter named Mikayla and two dogs (Boomer, was my 10 year old English bulldog who recently passed away), I currently have Marshmallow, my 8 year old French bulldog and Zoey my French Bulldog puppy. I was diagnosed over 19 years ago, Valentines Day, with multiple sclerosis.  I’m a life coach for those with a chronic illness. I’ve been there, I’ve taken that, I’ve tried that and I understand.

In 2016, many things changed for me. I stopped working early in January which was a very big adjustment for me both physically and mentally. I now had days free and an illness that was progressing. I needed to get out of my head. I had to learn how to stop seeing the part that was sick and witness the parts that were well. From that point I found a spiritual path and became a student in A Course of Miracles.

My blog will always have some spiritual tones to it because I believe in what I am doing, but I am not a preacher. I am a happier person today because I’m happier with myself. I’m able to not only finally recognize, but be grateful for the abundance of love around me.

I am newly vegan for health reasons that I’ll write about frequently. I’m also excited since I’m not a cook so I share recipes if I like them. You’ll see them pop up throughout.

This blog is about life, being single, being a parent, challenges of symptoms, good days, bad days and all the days in between. However I am an open book if you want to know about my diagnoses, my divorce, my dogs, daughter, I’ll tell you, just ask. If you want a life coach or have questions about a life coach, please email me. I can say I am not a writer. I am a horrible speller and I want this to be fun for everyone.

With that said…enjoy!!!!!




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