Spinal Cord Lesions with MS

Spinal Cord Lesions with MS

My neurologist from early on has done MRI’s of my spinal cord. It is where most of my MS activity has been over the last 21 years. My first major attack back in 1998 left a large lesion in my brain but since than it has really all be spinal cord. So what does that mean? Well I asked my doctor the same question. He said spinal cord is why I have no cognitive issues as I’ve progressed. He also said it’s why my eyes have been ok other than the beginning and why I’ve had no issues with speech. Spinal Cord MS are associated with the symptoms I’ve had over the course of my MS, numbness and weakness. It made me wonder if there was really a difference.

I found nothing online showing the difference between the two. Yet his description seemed so logical to me. This was the only article I found https://www.everydayhealth.com/multiple-sclerosis/symptoms/when-ms-attacks-spinal-cord/. It talks about many spinal cord lesions seen in the progressive forms of the disease.

I did find this that discussed motor skills in an MS attack of the spinal cord depending on where it is located https://www.sharecare.com/health/multiple-sclerosis-symptoms/motor-symptoms-of-spinal-cord. I lived most of my life with symptoms like this numbness and weakness. It just continued to progress to where I am now. It seems so benign in these discussion, it was back then.

Was just my wondering. What about you? Do you think there is a difference? Are you more brain or spinal cord MS, do you know?

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  1. Spinal cord was never mentioned in my 30 yrs with this disease,I am 67 and mostly have balance problems except if I have a fever then I am a wreck?

  2. I have spinal and brain, my cognitive is horrible… for instance, I asked my daughter for a g string out of the fridge instead of string cheese. She laughed I laughed! Lol! I know for certain the placement of lesions definitely define things. I have a lesion on my have that’s 2 inches it’s big, so that affects my cognitive thinking. I also know the spinal ones affect my stomach and swallow issues. This is my experience with it.

    1. Thank you. I agree with you I think it makes a difference too. I have a large lesion on my brain that they attribute to my migraines but everything else is spinal.

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