Shoes and sneakers

Shoes and sneakers

I have such issues with shoes now. I miss the days I could wear my boots with chunky heels. I never could wear stilettos but I could get away with those. Now I can only wear sneakers or wide shoes that are completely flat.

I use to wear Keds sneakers all the time. Quick slip on shoes that I had no issues putting on myself. Now, thanks to swelling that is still unexplained, they are too small. I wear my New Balance 990 sneakers that I have lock laces in.

Lock Laces are elastic no tie shoelaces manufactured and distributed by Positive Distribution LLC. The Lock Laces® system consists of two elastic shoelaces which are fastened at the tongue of the shoe by two double-eyelet, adjustable locking mechanisms and secured into place by 2 cord clips.

I like my sneakers but they are heavy on my feet. My Keds were much lighter. Plus the bottom of the sneakers sometimes sticks to the floor a big problem for someone with MS and balance issues.

I tried sketchers, they were lighter but I ordered the wrong size and never returned them since I got them on EBay. Not my finest move but I buy a lot on EBay. I love them.

It was recommended for me to try Allbirds. Definitely an expensive shoe but light weight and people love them. I can put the lock laces in them so I wouldn’t have to tie my shoelaces each time which I may or may not be able to do.

My days of cute shoes are gone. My feet are a mess. I get blisters if my feet swell and the shoes are too small. Shoes are an issue. It’s not about look it’s about comfort and the ability to walk. Oh well. I loved my boots but I made room in my closet when I got rid of them all.

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