I’m so excited

I’m so excited

It’s finally here a trip that’s been planned for years. It’s a family trip that was supposed to be for everyone’s big birthday celebration. My mom’s 70th, step dad’s 65th and my 45th. Since I just turned 47 you could see that didn’t work out.

However now we are celebrating their 40th anniversary and we are leaving Sunday morning for Mexico. One week with my family in a sunny Mexico. I’ve never been there but everyone else in my family has. I get anxiety when I travel now. It helps that everyone has been there and knows the lay of the land. We even rented a beach wheelchair for me so I could get on the beach with everyone. http://www.playamobility.com/beach-wheelchair-rental/beach-wheelchair-rental-in-playa-del-carmen/.

The only downside is I will miss my dogs. I’m lucky I have a wonderful person who stays with them for the week. She loves them and they love her. That doesn’t stop me from missing them.

However my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’m not sure how blogging will go for the week but I’m sure I’ll get a few posts sent. Happy Friday.

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  1. Good morning and congratulations for this big opportunity to enjoy the family’s company under the sun. Have at least one Margarita. A big kiss to both of you and Bon voyage!

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