Are you judging the book or the cover?

Are you judging the book or the cover?


This was going to be a bad post. I was working out this morning and my legs and arms were giving me such issues.  The squats were next to impossible. The shoulder press exercises that I use to do with a 15lb weight I started at an 8 lowered to a 6 and finally had to go to a 3lb weight.  By the time I was at this point the tears were flowing. I was so frustrated and angry of what my body can’t do.  My first thoughts were to all the people out there that can do a squat without issue and they don’t even realize how lucky they are. Then my mind raced to the people that can walk wherever they are going and never even think twice about it or worse complain about how far they had to walk.  Then I was thinking of all the lazy people who can do all of these exercises or walking and actually decide to not do anything because they are lazy. Yup I went way dark and it was all of like 2 minutes tops. Tears still flowing I powered through the rest of my workout and crawled to the couch to rest as I always have to do.  As I sat there and thought about my dark thoughts I realized what I did.  I not only compared my limitations to someon else’s I compared them to an entire world. I pulled the victim card, poor me, why me, help me.  There are people out there that can’t shoulder press a pencil let alone a 3lb weight. There are people out there who can’t get out of a wheelchair let alone so a squat. Not only did I fail to appreciate what my body CAN do I compared myself to everyone else. Judging and comparing are two very evil ways we validate ourselves to be either the victim, right, happy, sad, mad, justified etc.  it is our way of giving in to our wonderful ego and believing our preconceived notions. We give these lables to people the second our eyes fall upon them before they’ve uttered a word.  She’s prettier than me she must be so obnoxious.  Hes so good looking guarantee he’s the biggest asshole. Look at what she’s driving she must be suck a snob.  Omg he’s so fat he must be such a lazy person.  We all do it we all make those snap judgements on people and why? We do it to justify our place in life. Might be to justify why nothing is good in our life but no matter what reason every time we judge someone else it is directly related to how we really see ourselves. Terrible isn’t it? You might be sitting there thinking I never do that, and that great but ask yourself this…have you ever gotten scared seeing an entire biker gang pull up next to your car? Have you ever had that thought when you saw a heavy person eating a box of doughnuts? Or that persons outfit that is three sizes too small for their body in the Walmart picture that’s a always on Facebook? Maybe it was the sad or pity feeling for the kid you just saw in a wheelchai.  There is always a time we’ve placed lables and judged people everyone has.  However just think maybe if you didn’t you’d actually be able to make a new acquaintance, meet a new boyfriend, make a new business contact. People are more than a book cover. Think about it maybe put a little attention to your own thoughts when seeing someone today. Maybe you’ll  recognize that you did place a judgement of comparison. Just my food for thought on this lovely Friday afternoon. However just remember someone is also seeing you today.

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