A massage gun for spasticity

A massage gun for spasticity

Yesterday I purchased one of those massage guns.

I’ve been looking at them for a while because sometimes I’m in such pain from spasticity. Last night was one of those nights where out of nowhere my whole back a neck tightened. I always describe this like someone took a fork and twisted it like they were trying to get spaghetti twirled around. Except it’s not spaghetti it’s my tendons. The area just becomes so tight so fast. It starts at my humps and goes up through my back, shoulders and neck. Usually I get a headache from the pain caused by it being so tight. I try so many things to release it. I’ve tried aspirin to my prescription drugs. Marijuana helps but that messes up my other MS symptoms so that usually isn’t an option unless it’s at night. Gabapentin in higher dosages might work but also has too many side effects for day time use. I try heat pads and creams but nothing really helps. Until those muscles relax again, I’m somewhat just in the position to deal with the pain. It is the only pain I have with MS. Yet, it sucks.

I try desperately to relieve the muscles. My old aide use to give me massages frequently. She had great hands. Massage works for a brief time. It will help loosen the muscles for the moment. However if I’m still in a spasticity spell they’ll tighten back up fairly quickly. That’s why paying for massage therapy doesn’t help me. My muscles release when they’re ready not from outside help. However, I thought by having this kind of massager I could at least help myself get those periods of relief. Maybe if I use it frequently I could even keep spasticity away longer. Trevor at the MS gym talks about these massagers all the time. He discusses how as MS patients we should be working on releasing, by massage, areas of the body everyday. Some areas will take months. These wand massagers are great for help in doing just that. I’ve wanted one since the first time I heard this. So as my pain crept in yesterday, I ordered one. It wasn’t the most expensive on Amazon but it had excellent reviews. I should have it this weekend and will let you know.

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  1. Yes please share with us what you think. I have nerve pain in the hands and feet and bone pain. The back and neck are getting bad too so I will be interested to see what you think.

    1. I must say so far I love it. It’s too soon to write a blog about but I’ve used it every morning and during the day just to kind of wake up my muscles. The pulse radiates through the body so if you have a sore spot, you don’t stay on the area long because it is penetrating past the immediate spot. I was actually sore the first time I used it. I spent too much time in one spot. I personally love it.

  2. On Oct 23rd, 2019 I had a heat stroke on my first day on the job, I fell and broke my neck and the neck vertebras press against my spinal cord and was paralyzed for a couple of months, well it’s been three years and I’m slowly recovering, I can move now but not too good and suffer from spasticity in my arms and legs, I been taking medication for it but it puts me to sleep, so I too am going to try the massage gun, hopefully, I get some relief so I can play guitar again.

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