Upright walker

Upright walker

Yes it was definitely more expensive than other walkers but keeping you in the upright position is HUGE.

I was exhausted by the time I got it together yesterday and even with my heavy, difficult steps, I knew this was the right purchase. It is such a difference because you are standing straight. In the MS Gym we work everyday on BGB, butts, guts and blades. Keeping your butt tucked, your stomach in and your shoulders back to give you that straight posture is key in almost every exercise. Straight posture is so important to walking. This walker helps keep you up. Since most walkers are lower when we get tired in the core and legs, as many MS’ers do, we start to hunch over. This puts additional weight on the arms. It only adds to fatigue quicker. Legs get tired from walking then arms are tired trying to compensate for the legs and bad posture. I know for me this was part of the reason I stopped using a walker. My legs would tire and then I’d exhaust myself because my arms were doing so much work to keep me up and moving. This is going to make all the difference in the world. Now I have to once again practice walking and build up my stamina again. What I’ve been doing in the MS Gym is only going to support my endeavor. I’m determined to walk fully again and I know this walker was my ticket to make it happen.

I have to go slowly and concentrate on lifting my feet from the hip joints. This is what I’ve been working on for three months already. My right leg is doing better my left leg is still having severe foot drop even though it’s lifting slightly at the hip joint. I know that my PT therapist when he comes back is going to say once again about getting an AFO which I’ve had made on two different occasions and have never used. They just never work for me. I don’t wear sneakers around my house and I’ve disliked them. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Meanwhile I’m just glad I feel better and I could start walking a little bit each day with the new walker. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s definitely could help Manny MS’ers.

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