Better but exhausted

Better but exhausted

Better today but still so tired. I went into bed at 8 last night and got out of bed after 8 this morning. Today is the first day I’m drinking coffee. Hopefully that helps. However I can feel already my body is exhausted. I did a very simple 30 minute workout because I have a few things going on today and didn’t want to overdo myself. Yet I’m sitting here exhausted. This is not good.

So much has gone on since my infusion in March. Almost a week after the construction started in my apartment. I never thought that I’d become so fatigued from being misplaced every day. Everyday I was struggling to get myself to the bathroom by the end of the afternoon. Things hurt in places I didn’t know I could still feel. I’m happy with the outcome of the work but I certainly don’t look forward to doing that again anytime soon. Unfortunately, my bathroom is on the list because the shower is still difficult for me to get into. It has a small lift but a lift that is hard for my feet to get over. I had that mishap on Monday with my aid. It’s probably the last thing that needs to be handicap accessible now. If any other work is going to be done it would be strictly cosmetic and that I’m not doing that any time soon.

I was just starting to feel better because it was all done. Then I went away for my daughters graduation. There wasn’t anything strenuous about the couple of days I was away. I did have a long day in there but that wasn’t a terrible. Then I got sick and I’ve been completely exhausted since Sunday. It’s so weird, and frustrating.

Today we start our first game day in the building again. I was so excited to start and yet I feel lousy because I’m tired. Plus I have a doctors appointment at three. It’s a lot when you’re not feeling that great. I figured I’d go to game day for a little and come home before I go to the doctor. I need this doctors appointment because they take so long to get now. What’s more annoying is I have this doctors appointment today and again tomorrow morning. They wouldn’t let me do both things I needed in one appointment. How ridiculous is that? Hopefully my doctor does it because she knows me and the wheelchair and she has pity. One’s an annual exam and the other is to take out my IUD. I think I’m past worrying about getting pregnant now at 49 and single.

Hopefully I pep up with this coffee. It’s not working yet. Summers coming and the weathers changing, that also could be playing a part. Right now I’m just trying to recover so I can carry on with my day.

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  1. Your sentence hits it right on the head, “so I can carry on with the day” That’s what we MS’rs do, We Carry on no matter what MS throws at us each and eery day 🙂

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