You can’t walk but you can swim

You can’t walk but you can swim

Those were the words this morning from my mom as she watched me swim in the pool. The pool which was so cold I might add. I was determined to do some laps this morning despite the near frigid temperature. I still swam for roughly a half hour. My mom, the sport she is, got in the frigid water with me so we could walk the pool. This particular pool gets shallow towards the middle and deeper towards the end. The pool is like a long row that borders onto every room on the first floor. It is tremendous. That’s probably why it’s not heated it would cost a small fortune. As we walked and more of my body was out of the water, the harder it became until of course I couldn’t walk well and fell into the water. Once I was back into deeper water I could walk again but I could swim anywhere. I joke and say if we flooded the world in 4ft of H2O, I’d be great. I can swim straight and kick my feet. It really is amazing considering the issues I have out of the pool.

It took time though to realize that I even could swim still. My first lap in the pool I drank some pool water. I learned to swim at a young age but since getting multiple sclerosis I never really tried to swim. As my legs got worse I never thought it was possible. My MS fitness coach made me try in her lessons at my pool. Those short width laps eventually became the pools length and the 2 or 3 laps became 25-30. It took time but now I can swim anywhere. I only limit my laps because I know my body will fatigue after I’m done. That can cause problems when I needed to get out of the pool and certainly when I need to change and shower.

I can’t walk but I can swim. It is a very true statement. MS is a difficult disease. I spend most days fighting through. My life is about determination like today swimming in the cold pool. I was determined to swim laps so I did. The cold water was probably helpful to my MS, truthfully. I feel strong when I swim. I feel even stronger when I accomplish my goal despite my MS and any other obstacle. Today I’m writing this feeling good.

4 thoughts on “You can’t walk but you can swim

  1. Started swimming competitively at 5, living with MS 18 Years, on a walker or in a chair now, Secondary Progressive, swimming is one activity my MS has not robbed me of enjoying, swim several days a week, started foundation swimming lakes throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains to raise MS Awareness and fund research. “When I Swim I am at One with Myself and at One with the World”
    www. Dix 🙂

  2. I can’t walk without a cane but I can still ice skate. My family calls it muscle memory but that’s not true or I wouldn’t fall all the time walking. It is the cold rink and you don’t lift your toes when you ice skate. I don’t get to ice skate offten but the cool air and not dealing with constant foot drop gives me about 20 minutes of feeling like the “me” that has been trapped in my changing body!

    1. That is amazing!!! I love the pool and i forgot about MS for a little because I don’t feel my symptoms until the moment I go to try to get out. I use to love ice skating as a kid but now I don’t think my balance would work.
      I love this comment. Made me really smile this morning. Thank you ?

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