I’m on vacation my MS is not

I’m on vacation my MS is not

It’s been less than 48 hours that I’ve been on vacation and my multiple sclerosis has not been easy. Half of my clothing I’ve worn so far has been washed due to bladder issues. Not a fun way to start. Really MS, you couldn’t keep that shit together for a few days? I’ve had countless people helping life me feet up small steps or onto golf carts from my family to hotel staff because my legs are far from cooperating. I also almost got stuck in the pool because I couldn’t get myself out and up the single step. I was in three inches of water. Luckily my daughter came along.

WTF??? I’m relaxing but i stressed from my MS. I go nowhere other than Florida to see my dad and step mom. The last vacation I had was for my daughter’s 16 birthday and I was taken to universal studios which was also in Florida. That was almost 4 years ago. I have a cold too which I got from my aid and I’m sure that isn’t helping the situation. I’m tired easily and walking is tough. I’m use to having issues but I do more at home, I expect that. I’m not home why does everything feel so challenging. Oh yeah, because I have MS. Well today I am not really a fan. I’m frustrated and annoyed. I wasn’t expecting my symptoms to go away but I did expect them to be at their better points not their worst. Sigh…

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