Disability vehicle

Disability vehicle

I went to look at one yesterday. It was one of those things that you had to mentally prepare for because you need one and then there’s the sticker shock. Not even sure which part is worse. I must say when I took my scooter into the back of the vehicle with such ease and then was able to transfer to the driver seat, I knew it would just make such a difference in my life. As much as I still want to be up on my feet, sometimes it is so exhausting. My steps take longer and longer for me to make and it’s harder and harder. My life would just be so much easier in my scooter. It didn’t matter so much because when we sat down and went over the price, I realize this was not happening anytime soon. I’m working with one of the MS trust programs but I can’t imagine them paying this kind of sticker price. You have to be pretty wealthy to afford these things.

Handicap vehicles have two prices. The price of the vehicle and then the disability conversion of the vehicle. The conversion of the vehicle is almost the same as the purchase price of the car. We’re not talking about low priced cars here either. This isn’t a Honda Civic. These are the mini vans that are easily well into the $30,000 price range. I think that was the part that was even more disheartening. There was that part of me that just knew I needed this now. My body was ready for it and it would just make my life so much easier. However I’m on full disability bringing in about $40,000 a year. Hard to purchase a car at $60,000 on that income. All my eggs are in the baskets of grants. All my eggs and hopes.

If things don’t come through I’m back to the drawing board to figure out maybe getting a vehicle I can attach a lift onto the back. This still would require me to get another car because my little civic can’t handle that kind of weight. It’s not the ideal situation because of rain or snow you can’t have your scooter on the back of the car but it may be the only option I have. It is also not my safest option but I may not have a choice. I guess we will have to see what will happen.

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