Achy while swimming continued

Achy while swimming continued

Continuing on with my original post I wrote the other day I had one comment from another person with MS. She explained that any time she over exerted herself she had flulike symptoms as well. Thank you Priscilla for your comment. She even said if she continued overexert herself she can actually come down with the flu. I asked her what drug she was on for MS, if any, and she was taking Rituxan. I am currently on Ocrevus the sister drug to Rituxan. I’ve written many posts about the drugs being almost identical. My thought was maybe the disease modifying drug could possibly be the cause. I knew this was far-fetched because I’ve been fine until I got sick with the cellulitis.

I wrote to my neurologist and asked her what she thought. Her first response was that maybe I should go to my primary doctor and get blood work done, check my muscle enzymes. I see him in a couple weeks for my yearly physical and that will all be checked. The other thing she agreed with is that it could possibly be hydration. I decided to put hydration to the test both yesterday and today.

I swam late yesterday in the afternoon. I drank my coffee and had some water but I didn’t eat. Right before I started my swim I drink a big glass of water. I swam 20 laps, my body was a little tired and I decided to stop. I wasn’t achy but I was definitely tired. Maybe there was something to the this hydration.

This morning I again drank a big cup of water before i swam but I was tired going into the swim. I stopped every five laps to drink water. I made it to the 20 laps with extreme difficulty. Now I’m on my couch speaking my blog because I’m not only achy but fatigued. At this point, I think I might have to agree with Pricilla, it just might be an extreme version of fatigue. Damn MS!!!!

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