Positive quotes for multiple sclerosis

Positive quotes for multiple sclerosis

I had a lousy physical therapy session yesterday. Actually pathetic was more like it. Lousy multiple sclerosis day and I have no idea why. My physical therapist says he wished he had a manic pill to cure MS. I would settle for a pill that gave me the day off or even an hour off. I miss being able to dance. I’m watching this tv show about dancing and I could never move the way they do. However what I love is how expressive dancing can be. I connected with ex-husband first time on the dance floor. The body can say much more than words can. Unfortunately, without balance and the ability to even walk, dancing seems to be an activity way in my past. My difficult MS day was yet another snap back to reality.

I follow many Instagram pages and people with multiple sclerosis. I take many uplifting quotes and pictures that people post and today I felt like posting a few. Sometimes we need to hear positive and a few funny things when MS kicks us in the ass.

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