A better mood shift

A better mood shift

Mood has improved from last week, I am happy to say. However I might have another tough week coming up. My daughter is away and my aide is on vacation. . I chose not to replace the aide anyway because I really hate having new people in the house. They don’t know where anything is, they are usually scared of the dogs and I have to make idle chit chat that can be exhausting. It puts too much stress on me. I’d rather be alone. However today I had my Carol who has been with me for over 23 years and she helps do a thorough cleaning. Tomorrow I have PT. Wednesday my aide is actually coming in because I have a doctors appointment. Thursday and Friday my sister or my stepdad will stop in so I am really covered. I think overall I will be fine. Either that or my stubborn side will just make me say I’m fine.

They got my Bionic Gym working again over the weekend. That made me super happy. I couldn’t believe how much I missed not being able to use it for those 4 days. I just love this thing. I can’t say enough about this. I feel stronger even though it isn’t apparent maybe in my symptoms but I feel it. It also has only been 2 weeks. I can’t wait until I’m out of summer as well because the humidity is still a factor. I am excited to see what I will be feeling like in the fall. I just finished my weight workout and MS gym workout. The bionic gym ran the whole time plus an additional hour at a higher intensity. I feel great, not fatigued or winded or even weak. I feel energized. There are not many exercises that can do that.

I am going to enjoy the quiet household this week. I got my sweet puppies already in their normal position and I’m ready to chill with them. I am looking forward to maybe watching something different on TV that I might not watch when my aide is around. Maybe something risky lol. Ok maybe not but I’m going to enjoy my alone time. Happy Monday.

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