Flu-like symptoms while I’m swimming

Flu-like symptoms while I’m swimming

Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have strange things occurring. I googled this and it is actually not uncommon but most people have it after they exercise, not during. I’ve been having it as I swim. This is part of the reason I’m barely making 20 laps when I was doing 25 before. I would say it starts as I am going into lap 11 or 12. I start to feel achy. I feel like when I was taking Betaseron and I would have those episodes of flu like symptoms were I would just feel horrible. The feeling stays with me to quite some time. It’s almost in my bones.

When I looked it up on the Internet, there were a couple of reasons a person could feel achy from exercise:

  1. Human Growth Hormone this is released when we exercise to repair muscle and help with tissue growth. This hormone is vital to our muscle function but it can also make us sick. If you ever see someone throwing up after working out too hard it’s this warm on that’s usually the cause.
  2. Dehydration can actually cause I’m muscle to feel weak cause us to feel dizzy and lightheaded. I think this one’s obvious, we sweat we need to drink water.
  3. Poor nutrition as with everything else you need to fuel your body to fuel your muscles. Without the right fuel your body can become weak, fatigued and achy.
  4. The flu, you could actually be sick.
  5. Chronic fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia. All I could say this one is, REALLY!!!!! If you feel achy every time you exercise seek help from a professional.

I don’t think any of these answers really help me. Even now over 12 hours since I went swimming, I still feel it slightly in my bones. I wasn’t feeling it all the time for sure. If this is something on the newer side and more recent. It just could be my body being run down. Today I’m in the pool but I don’t do laps. I work with my MS trainer. I don’t know if this is an MS thing. I just know like everything else I have to pay attention and I do the best I can. If I only can get in the pool four days this week instead of five that’s going to be OK. Another strange thing ??‍♀️.

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  1. This is very normal for me and my MS. Flu-like symptoms arrive when your body is tired and suffering a deficiency. This happens for me if I work too long, exercise too intensely or dont eat the right amount of calories in a day. The best solution is to give your body what it needs…either sleep, less strenuous exercise or more food.

    If I continue to push myself, my flu like symptoms will evolve into the actual flu….which used to happen a lot when I didn’t listen to my body’s needs.

      1. I am on a Rituxan infusion every 6-8 months along with vitamins and herbal supplements (no other pharmaceutical meds). I have 5 lesions in my brain and 5 in my spine. Diagnosed 2 years ago, but likely in my 15th year of having symptoms and being undiagnosed (according to neurologists). I have retained relatively full mobility, (no assistance), after losing walking ability during my major flare up 2 years ago.

        Lots of info, but I find knowing the full story is helpful in understanding your chosen health care path.

        1. I’m on Ocrevus which is technically Rituxan’s sister. I was on Rituxan but my insurance wouldn’t cover it because it isn’t technically approved for MS. I’d rather Rituxan but they are almost the same. I was wondering if the drug choice had anything to do with the fatigue symptom.

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