Plant based eating with multiple sclerosis

Plant based eating with multiple sclerosis

A few weeks ago I made the decision to go back to plant based eating. Going back to Plant based eating. I wanted to get away from processed foods that once again started to fill me refrigerator and cabinets. I follow closely with Forks over Knives. I have their app and use a majority of their recipes. I also love Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) This is also a great site focused on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and non processed foods. With OMS, fish and eggs are included something I chose to eliminate unless I am going out for dinner.

I first decided to go plant based back in December of 2016. was my first blog post regarding my new diet. I stayed on the plant based eating for a couple of years. Then the weight started creeping on and I became obsessed once again with the number on the scale instead of what I was putting in my body. I jumped from Keto to weight watchers back to Keto back to weight watchers. Nothing was working. I read the obesity code and tried to cut my insulin spikes. I intermittent fasted for years, still trying to break out of that habit. Nothing made a difference. I worked out the best I could, nothing helped. I was just heavier than I was.

Then I woke up one day and looked at all the processed shit lining my shelves because it was fat free or low cal and I hated everything. I had enough. I liked being plant based. I like eating natural foods. I hate chicken. I’m tired of fighting with the weight. I know I don’t eat much and I’m done making myself crazy.

I have multiple sclerosis. The last thing my body needs is a bunch of low fat ingredients I can’t even pronounce let alone digest. It is time to be healthier once again and for me that was plant based eating. I love fruits more than most other foods. I’m good with vegetable in a lot of recipes from Forks over Knives. My favorite cereal from thrive called coconut flakes is vegan. Plus they are a great smack. I’m just happy with these food choices. I actually don’t love dairy. I don’t miss cheese. I don’t mind any of the restrictions. Actually I think I prefer them. If I loose weight one day great but I’m not eating for weight loss anymore. I’m finally eating for me and for health. This is how I feel better.

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