Going back to Plant based eating

Going back to Plant based eating

I made a decision last week to go back to eating more plant based/vegan. It has nothing to do with diet in a losing weight idea. I think I’ve given up on that concept because nothing works for me anymore. I need to accept my body for where it is today. I canceled my weight watchers membership. I’ve noticed over time myl eating has changed to incorporate a lot of processed foods again. Things that were easy points on weight watchers, easy meals and especially easy snacks started to line my refrigerator and shelves. I honestly hate that crap. Yet there it was. I rather eat less of a real product than more of a processed product, like my half & half. The one product I refuse to give up vegan or not. There is a fat free version that has so many unpronounceable ingredients that I won’t use regardless of the lower calories. My body has enough shit to deal with fighting multiple sclerosis, it doesn’t need unpronounceable processed shit for fuel. That is why I’m going back to plant based eating, I liked eating cleaner. Simple as that. I just got so off track this past year trying to loose weight either on Keto or weight watchers I lost sight of my real goal. I want to eat healthier foods for a healthier me. I exercise. I get enough sleep. I just want to do all that I could do for me. I just got crazy again with losing weight. I haven’t lost anything so it didn’t work anyway and it just ended up with me making unhealthy choices.

Today we will be cooking new recipes from my favorite app Forks over Knives. I have a grilled melon salad I’m trying and a vegetable pot pie. I will have my soups as always. I will still track my food in my Lifesum app which actually links with the health app on my iPhone. From here I can track a lot of different nutrition things like protein and carbs. Just because you are eating plant based isn’t a free for all on those starchy carbs so I need to keep track. Plus I need protein and that is beans and legumes or nuts. I must also keep track that my in tack of protein is sufficient. Both of these apps on my iPhone help me keep excellent tabs on my daily nutrition.

I told my family that I won’t make things difficult. If we go out for dinner, I will eat fish still. I am not vegan. I am plant base. Meaning I try to eat mostly a plant based diet most days yet I am not bound to any social practice. This is a decision for me and my body. I am happy I finally decided to go back to this way of eating. I think it worked well for me and I just got very off track.

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