Saturday thoughts on Friday

Saturday thoughts on Friday

So this wonderful amazing little puppy Minx, Minx is super puppy kept me up all night last night. He was crying all night long. He was even crying as he slept. I did a bad thing, at 4:30 I just couldn’t take it anymore and I let him sleep in the bed with Zoey and I. He has so few accidents, isn’t that why he is in the crate to begin with? Just like his crate, there was not a problem on the bed and I was able to get a couple hours sleep. I did put them back in the crate at 6:30. He cried a little but he did go and lay down. After his vet visit we found out he has Giardia and he started treatment yesterday. I’m not sure if that’s why he was so whiny yesterday or it’s just because he’s been in the house longer and wants to be with me and Zoey. I was a little surprised he had Giardia. If anybody remembers four years back when I got Zoey, it took me a very long time to get rid of it with her. I am praying that nightmare doesn’t repeat itself.

On another note I change my hair color. Since the rig got stripped out due to the straightening, it was a good now or never. I decided to just go brown. I just wanted something a little different, and I love it. I also desperately needed the cut. My chronicle hair shot after any cut or color

I have reference points to all my hair colors and cuts over many years from these after shots. We actually refer to them more often then you’d think k. They’ve definitely come in handy when we are making hair decisions. I just decided on something new. I do love my red.

However I’ve done it for so long. I was ready for a change.

So this weekend is Father’s Day. I can correctly say happy Fathers Days to all the dads out there and once again a very happy Father’s Day to my dad and stepdad. Love you xoxo

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