My handicap van ramp isn’t working

My handicap van ramp isn’t working

I can’t make this sh@t up. I go to my car yesterday and press the button and the door opens and ramp comes down as normal. I go into my van and press the button to close and my ramp goes in but the door doesn’t shut. So I try to press the button again and now the ramp won’t come out. Well after several attempts of pushing each of the five buttons that operate the door/ramp my aid and I finally got the door to close but we couldn’t get the ramp to deploy again. This took us over 45 minutes causing a lot of aggravation, frustration and stress. I missed my first therapy appointment.

I read the books that came with the van and we figured out how to manually pull out the ramp so I could at least make it to the next therapy appointment. This wasn’t before leaving a message for my salesman at mobility works pretty irate. I mean I’ve owned the van for 13 days this was a little ridiculous. Turns out he was put sick and I spoke with another salesman later on in the day when I was calmer. He told me we will get this fixed and not to worry. I at least felt better.

My salesman called me first thing this morning and I’m waiting for a call from the service department manager. I guess we’ll see what happens from there. Just ridiculous that I’m dealing with this so soon after getting the car. That’s what annoys me.

The service manager called. Turns out my car is getting towed back to New Jersey where I bought so they could fixed it. I could rent a car that wouldn’t cost me anything but hopefully they’ll have my car back by tomorrow. My car is in priority status. I guess things could have been worse. Everyone was very helpful and nice. Nothing is easy, is it?

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