My trip to see my sister in London

My trip to see my sister in London

Many, many years ago I went to London on my spring break vacation during college. I’m sorry for all those who did the Florida mayhem, my trip was so much better. I was 18 years old, my sister was probably 21. She was studying abroad and spent months seeing much of Europe during that year. For me, this was my first trip abroad and London was my only destination but to this day, it is still my favorite city and one of my favorite trips I ever had.

I remember so much of the trip. I remember the plane on the way there and the really cute guy who sat across the plane. He sent me over a beer from the stewardess. Too bad it took him 3/4 of the flight to make that move. However, he did stay with me at Heathrow airport until my sister arrived because she was late. Something she is known for. I remember going to this tremendous club the Hippodrome. The best night we had out was at at drag club where we indulged with champagne and food on my dad’s credit card but we had such a blast. I think London is probably the first place my sister and I became friends as well as sisters.

I can go on and on of so many things I remember about this trip but I don’t remember pictures. Understand I am the one in the family who remembers everything. I’m cleaning my kitchen counter yesterday and there is a photo album. I never saw this before. I open it and its pictures of the two of us in London. My daughter didn’t bring it from my mother’s house. My stepdad didn’t bring it. My sister wasn’t here. No one can tell me where the album came from!!!! I don’t even remember taking any of these photos or where half of these places where, but they certainly did make me smile.

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