Post Covid MS life

Post Covid MS life

So little Minx is doing great. He has, however, received a new nickname of demon because of his teething on anything flesh. Those little teeth hurt especially when he gets you under the arm. I’ve been doing a yelp, line he does,hoping he gets the idea of ouch. With a million teething toys on the floor, he still prefers the skin of my daughter and myself above them all.

Other than that, I’m a little sleep deprived. I can’t even fully blame him. It’s my bladder every few hours that wakes him up. Once he hears me he is at the front of his crate so I take him to pee. He is still doing great with his potty training but it is a lot during the night. Like I said if I didn’t wake him every two hours he would definitely hold it longer but alas I have MS bladder issues.

So I’m still getting up three times a night and waking up earlier in the morning. Plus the weather is getting hotter and humidity has been higher. I had a migraine for a couple of days probably due to the weather. I’m tired. My last few weeks have have been more active than my last two months. My body isn’t ready to adjust to this so fast. I’m tired of the Covid quarantine as most people are yet my MS body was use to being dormant. I have to ease back into these busy weeks. Busy being visitors and minor activity, we aren’t even talking about much here. It doesn’t take much to fatigue and the weather will not help the situation. So I am feeling okay, just tired. What else is new? Trying to bring myself back into the world post Covid.

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