In the present moment

In the present moment

The clock is reading 6:34am. I have already cleared both puppy areas, cleaned pooper scooper, fed both dogs (twice because I knocked over Minx’s bowl to which Zoey consumed more than a fair share) and started a load of laundry. This morning it was Zoey who was awake before Minx. When she woke Minx she wanted to play. Try to stop a French bulldog and a puppy from playing. Very unlike my Zoey yet there she was sprite as a puppy herself running from one end of the condo to the other. She was so cute too. Amazingly, I was somewhat up myself so I let our morning begin. Now Minx is asleep in my lap and Zoey is standing guard next to me. She will lay down shortly and go to sleep herself. That will leave me.

Now I’m awake, the dogs will be sleeping and I get that moment of quiet and stillness in the house. I wish my AC was quieter. There are no boats out yet and the water had very little movement. That adds to the sense of calm I love. I can gaze at that view for hours.

It’s feels like it’s been awhile since I felt that quiet stillness of just me in the morning. I know if hasn’t but I think I haven’t been in the present moment lately. I have had things to look forward too like Minx and my new wheelchair. I also had a heartbreak saying goodbye to Marshmallow after 11 years. My focus shifted between past and future but I probably spent little time in the present. Sitting here in this stillness was the first time I was aware of the moment in a long time. I didn’t need meditation, this is my meditation I feel as calm as the water. This is my favorite thing about where I live. The water has always been able to captivate my gaze.

It is a pretty day out. A few boats have now gone by. It is now 7:19. It has taken me all this time to write these short paragraphs. I was lost in the view and the subtle noises of the day (including the AC). I feel really peaceful. I hope that everyone has a place they could go to feel this way too. Have a beautiful day.

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