Invest in your best friend

Invest in your best friend

My dad sent me an article about “best friend investments”. It wasn’t talking about human relationships. The article was literally about investing in pet related stocks. They gave a numerical figure, “in the US pet products are a $95.7 billion dollars industry.” I didn’t find that shocking. All I have to do is look around my house to comprehend that figure. However my favorite line was; “pets are making the transition from luxuries to necessities.”

I don’t know if I ever thought of pets as luxuries per say but necessities, definitely. The article did talk about the benefits of a dog. The use of dogs in nursing homes, hospitals and even prisons as rehabilitation therapy. I worked in a nursing home and the pet therapy days were always my favorite. It wasn’t just therapy for our residents, it was therapy for employees too. They have therapy dogs come during finals week at at my daughter’s school. It gives a much needed stress break for the students.

Why? Most dogs have a good heart and unconditional love. A basic trained dog has better manners than many people. Dogs provide companionship and affection. Their innocence is endearing. A dog gives you much more than it will ever ask for in return. My dogs are my children. They are with me everyday more than ANYONE else. They are truly witness to my laughs, tears and challenges. My multiple sclerosis has gotten worse and I don’t have a husband to lean on. I have found true happiness in myself without needing another person to complete me. I have help with my aid. I have love from my family and friends. My dog, with them I found companions, entertainment, and unconditional love. I’m not alone in this feeling and that’s why they are a $95.7 billion dollar industry. So your stock market tip, “invest in your best friend.

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