My first week eating Vegan/plant-based diet…

My first week eating Vegan/plant-based diet…

It wasn’t difficult to not eat meat AT ALL. I didn’t miss it or crave it in the least. My most difficult obstacle was my coffee. Even being on weight watchers 99.9% of my life, I used half n half. I drank coffee very light. I had to give that up. Vegan is no dairy, no meat. I looked online and got a recipe for a can of coconut milk combined with almond milk, both unsweetened, mix them together and refrigerate. The person who post the recipe said it was better than creamer. It is so bizarre because my coffee doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t lighten my coffee at all.  It’s still dark. It’s like a mental thing, my coffee isn’t light enough. Luckily I drink coffee in a thermos mug which is covered. 

If your new to my blog, I have multiple sclerosis so cooking is very difficult for me. This creates another obstacle when you Vegan/plant-based. I got a gift certificate to Terra Kitchen. They are one of the home delivery services that send the ingredients to a meal and you put it together. The biggest difference between Terra Kitchen and the other services is they cut most of the ingredients for you. For me, with the difficulty in my hands and cutting, this was a huge thing. To help with my first week I had a delivery of vegetarian meals sent. It was nice because I got my daughter to eat 2 of the 3 meals.

I also ordered from Veestro, you can check them out at .  The are a fully plant-based food frozen entree delivery company. I ordered the kick started pack. Which includes:

1x Savory Croquettes
2x Breakfast Burrito
2x Oatmeal Breakfast Pie
2x Chick’n Quesadilla
1x Tuscan Calzone
2x Country Fried Chick’n
2x Enchilada Caserole
1x Spinach Pie
2x Thai Chick’n Stew
2x Red Curry
2x Mushroom Risotto
2x Golden Chickpea Stew
2x Johnny Appleseed
2x Hand Greenade
2x Power of the Tropics

It offered me a great way to try different aspects of what they made and to fill in spots as needed. Everything I’ve tried so far from their delivery I liked. I know that I will be using them often.

I also order from Hungryroot,  I’ve seen advertising for their cookie batter and brownie batter, I needed to have this too. I didn’t make it yet but did put my finger in the batters. The brownie batter…OMG!!! That can be a very fattening problem.

I have set up my aerogarden and mini aerogarden to grow both lettuce and mini tomatoes. The lettuce should sprout in 4 days, the tomatoes in 7.

I have gained 1-1/2lbs but I expected that switching to a carb based diet from a protein based diet. I assume in another week it will even itself out.  I have been watching what I eat calorie wise to a degree. I will hopefully have some better weight news next week. I didn’t start this for weight loss but I won’t tolerate weight gain. I must admit though I don’t know too many overweight vegans. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.


7 thoughts on “My first week eating Vegan/plant-based diet…

  1. Thanks for the info on the almond milk/coconut milk substitute for half and half. I have a squishy goal of weaning myself off half and half.

  2. Great share- thanks! I’ve been contemplating the Terra deliveries- I have the same problem with chopping veggies. I’m a recent empty-nester and I find that I just don’t cook anymore. Rice cakes with cashew butter and apples are getting old 😉
    And I agree about the coffee! 1/2 n 1/2 is my last dairy hold out!

    1. It was so much simpler not cutting but the delivery package is very heavy so be careful if you have steps BUT I could have taken the items out and left the package downstairs. The coffee…the mixture is good with the coconut milk as long as I don’t focus on the coffee not being light.

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