New and old

New and old

I had my sister and brother-in-law over yesterday. Love them ❤️. I was showing off my new wheelchair that I have not been using. Between learning how to maneuver the wheelchair unsuccessfully and Minx being so tiny, I thought it was best to stay with my more familiar hooveround for a while longer. So I put the new chair in the closet temporarily.

Minx loved my hoveround although we had a few mishaps. There were a few yelps from him being in my path when I was moving. He was starting to understand the wheelchair and when to move. That’s what I was waiting for before I brought out the new chair. I started putting it off because he was so cute with the Hoveround . It has a wide leg rest and he would jump up next to my feet and take a ride with me wherever I was going. It was just so cute. The new scooter doesn’t have that. My foot rest really has no room for anything else. It’s actually the one thing I don’t like about it this chair. I can’t carry anything. I was so used to putting anything I was carrying down by my feet and now I have no place for anything. There certainly isn’t much room for Minx. Yet when I brought it out of the closet yesterday to show it to my sister and brother, I decided to make the switch.

I’m happy to report I didn’t break anything this time. I created no new holes in any wall, nor scratches and I didn’t run over anybody’s feet. However I haven’t been using it yet for 24 hours so I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  I tried sliding my feet to the side and putting Minx on the foot rest but he jumped off. ?. At least when he was on my foot rest I knew where he was and that I couldn’t run over him. This new chair might be smaller on in width but there’s a lot going on. Here is a side by side comparison.

Well I’m staying with the new now. I named my new chair Kit, like from Knight Rider. All black seemed fitting. It really is an unbelievable chair. So much better for me. Forgot how awesome it was.

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