New area of complete numbness

New area of complete numbness

I was sitting with both of my dogs yesterday, all cuddling on my chair. My Zoey decided to do her typical puppy love and kiss my face. I don’t know if things changed or I just haven’t realized, but where she was kissing, licking, I felt nothing. I felt the pressure of her tongue but I couldn’t feel her tongue. I couldn’t feel the wetness of the kiss. All I felt was that pressure and nothing else. Zoey has a rough tongue too. As much as I love my baby girls kisses, sometimes they can get a little annoying because of that rough tongue.

It was a very odd sensation. I let her kiss me for as long as she wanted to realizing I just felt nothing. I don’t remember my face being that numb although it’s always had a lack of sensation. my hands have certainly had that lack of sensation for many many years now but I don’t remember it being that pronounced in my face. I used to put my face on the dogs to tell if they were still wet after bath time because I couldn’t tell with my hands. Even fabrics I would decipher against my face to tell the difference between cotton or satin. My face had numbness but never lacked total sensation.

Zoey licks me all the time and it’s the first time I noticed the lack of sensation so my first thought is that it’s new, or should I say worse. Like I said I’ve always had numbness in my face to an extent.  This was my lower left cheek closer to the jawline. Zoe likes to sleep on my left shoulder therefore that’s the spot where she tends to kiss me the most. I just don’t remember ever feeling nothing.

Truthfully, there isn’t much I can do if it’s new, worse, or temporary. It is completely pointless to worry. Nothing can be done for numbness. It has been one of my dominant MS symptoms since my first attack in 1998. Most of my body is numb. Actually probably all of my body is numb to varying degrees. Extremities being the worst. Most places I feel in a distorted capacity but I feel. Yesterday, I didn’t feel on the skin level. A very odd feeling but still one I am all too familiar with in my many years with MS. New spot, not new symptom.

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