Loving the MS Gym

Loving the MS Gym

Good morning. It is a Grey Saturday morning here. Actually it’s a white Saturday morning.

If you look closely you can see the water. It’s 8:00 am and I’ve already worked out. I can’t say enough good things about the MS gym. http://www.themsgym.com/. I just completed week 2 and I already have seen a slight improvement. no one else would notice this improvement, it is extremely minute. This is just one of the things that I noticed from doing it for the past couple of weeks. It’s an exercise involving the left ankle to push it out and back. My left side had absolutely no movement when I started. Right side was good, Not too surprising, probably one of the reasons I could still drive. Left side had nothing. Today, the left side had movement.  it wasn’t a tremendous amount, I wouldn’t of even videotaped it because I don’t know if you would’ve even seen it, but I saw it. I was pretty impressed. I honestly can’t say enough about Trevor, the trainer who makes the videos, and his knowledge of MS.  if you’re looking for any kind of videos for MS, check out the MS gym either on their website or YouTube.

Right now I’m watching Formula One practice for the second day before the second race. Thankfully I canceled my upgrade of F1 TV to watch it live because guess what? I get it live from ESPN through my cable subscription. I still have my F1 TV access to watch all my replays in case I miss anything as well as all my documentaries. I’m so loving this and I’m so glad it started again. Two more races were already added to the schedule and there should be a couple of more added.. My favorite driver Alfonso is coming back in 2021. Although these cars really need to catch up to the Mercedes. I am so bored with watching Hamilton win every year.It’s not just about the driver it’s about the car. Put Hamilton in a Renault and I promise you he won’t be winning every year.  I like to root for the underdog even though I’m a Ferrari fan.

I hope whatever your weekend plans might be you have a wonderful day. Stay safe wherever you are and healthy. Tell somebody you love them and do something for yourself that makes you happy.

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