Finding true happiness

Finding true happiness

I was talking to my little sister yesterday and we were discussing basically that life is hard. She’s definitely been thrown a couple curve balls lately and she’s emotionally exhausted. Like so many of us she’s looking at pictures of other people on Facebook and thinking how much easier they seem to have it.  she really knows that a picture doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s very difficult to not compare. She even feels guilty complaining to me about her issues when compared to my issues, which in her opinion, are so much worse. I received this so many times from friends and family. I have explained that in life, changes that happen in your life that are big, monumental and challenging are just as important and relevant to your life as anything that goes on in my life. Unlike you, the big, relevant, monumental thing your comparing your issues to, I’ve been dealing with on many different levels for 22 years. I’ve had a much longer time to deal with my issue, it’s not the same. Talk to me, it’s ok to complain about what’s happening in your own life.

I really didn’t have to go into depth about comparing to a Facebook photo of somebody else’s life. She really knows that nobody’s putting up the bad stuff. You really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Truthfully it doesn’t even matter. Maybe they are truly and completely happy. Everything in their life is exactly as their picture shows. It’s good to know that there are people out there that are truly happy. For me, I hope that there is truth behind some of the social network pictures posted because life should be love and happiness. Then you come back to your own reality thinking why am I always on an uphill climb. I think that’s the spiral my little sister is in. I was there, I know it. I was there for different reasons, but I was there. I remember it well.

It took me a long time to change my thinking. I had to change it on many levels. I had to change it on how I thought about myself, my love life, my finances, my multiple sclerosis, friends, past, parents, etc This was far from an easy task and it is far from over. I have not mastered anything. I still work at this everyday. It is always the same thing that it goes back to

It is all in your attitude. It is all a choice. When you realize you have the power to make that choice, to view any situation positively or negatively, you can really change your life. I certainly wish I had learned this at an earlier age. I’m trying so hard to teach it to my daughter. As I said to my little sister yesterday, life is not easy. It can be very challenging and it puts many of us to the test daily. Truthfully, I believe true happiness has nothing to do with money, ideal weight, a spouse, or any other material objects. I think true happiness comes from an attitude and a choice within to love yourself and those around you. It’s as simple as that.

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