My 9 hour best first date….

My 9 hour best first date….


Normally I go on a first date and I’m pretty nervous. I spoke to this guy twice on the phone before our date for an hour each time and the conversation always went really smooth. If you read my post yesterday you know that I wasn’t overly nervous going on this date.  I have course arrived early as I always do because I have yet to be late for anything plus I want to make sure I can park so I arrived and hung out my car because when I say early I was 30 minutes early. When it was bout 10 minutes to the time we were meeting I got out and went to the restaurant and sent the text “habitually early”. One second later car pulls up and the gentleman says “habitually early, huh?” and the date began.  We went into a restaurant and the conversation flowed immediately. The waitress came over to us probably about three times to see if we are ready to order and finally she said how about you flag me down when you’re ready. We were so engrossed in the conversation that I never even opened my menu.

I joked around that we did speed dating through breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.  When every now and then I would glance at the clock I was shocked that it would be that late the time is just flying by it was just amazing. I couldn’t believe we never ran out of things to talk about. We talked about his old relationships my old relationships.  We talked about our families. We talked about our kids at length . We talked about things that were sad. There were moments that I had tears in my eyes there are moments that he had tears in his eyes. He was understanding and compassionate he listened to what I said and made jokes were appropriate.  I talked about my blog and as expected he said I’d love to read it. I gave a slight pause to that. It isn’t that I’m ashamed of anything I write or embarrassed by anything I’ve said but I knew that he’d really read through it and I want him to get to know me through me not my blog to start. He was so completely understanding and I was so thankful to that. What was even more refreshing is throughout the entire date he was with Jamie not some version of me that I think a guy would prefer. I didn’t hide behind my own truth and I don’t think he knows how to hide. We have both been hurt and disappointed in our past relationships that we endured longer than we should have giving more of our soul than was appreciated. We have both been in separate situation that in reality were very similar where both of us understood each other’s pain and vulnerability. I don’t remember ever connecting with someone like that right from the get go. Plus he’s funny, my snarky sarcastic witty one line sense of humor. Yeah it was a good date.

I talked to him when he got home because he came by me and his trip was about 25 minutes away or so. I asked for a text to know he was safe but he called. I laughed and said “you still have things to say to me?”  We text this morning and I’ll call him later. Where this goes only the universe knows but I believe he’s here for a reason and I intend to enjoy and learn from reason for as long as it remains.

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