Refocusing my thinking

Refocusing my thinking

I realize some thing yesterday, my post was pretty negative. I mean just filled with complaints about needing appreciation for doing something for somebody else. A complete opposite from my spiritual practice and what that teaches. It is certainly not about a thank you or someone else’s debt they owe you. You offer help because you can help. Help comes in a lot of different forms not always monetarily. When I realize this last night I was somewhat taken aback. I have to admit I’ve taken a little break from my own spiritual practice.  however, I was always keeping up with it in other ways by helping either my aid or my daughter so my practice was never really put away. Lately, with my daughter being back at school and now having a brand new aid, I truthfully think I’m losing sight of my core beliefs. It was a lot easier when I was constantly giving advice to other people. It just kept reinstating how I thought. There just hasn’t been a lot of reinstating lately. Even my beloved A Course in Miracles app hasn’t been used. I have not looked at the days lessons in weeks. It was a clear sign I need to start refocusing my thoughts once again.

So, now I have to decide how. I think I want to read the four agreements again. I know my daughter has a copy, I wonder if she took it to school. It is a small book and the message is very simple to understand This is a great place to start on any spiritual path because it is put simply for anyone to understand. I need to start refocusing these four thing into my mantras each morning and night.

Plus my favorite from A Course in Miracles

I need to refocus my thoughts once again and I’m happy that I had the realization last night. It shows that I’m not too far off the path, as well as how far I really am from where I once was.

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