I needed that

I needed that

I didn’t wake up in such a cheery mood today. Very unlike me too. Even when the first thing I see when my eyes open would be the faces of my babies, I still wasn’t really happy. I had a long day yesterday and I canceled my kidney sonogram. I just couldn’t deal with drinking 64 ounces of water before a test that I know I could never hold in. I mean I went to the doctor for incontinence. How can i do a prep like that??? Anyway I slept lousy after my floor adventure Safety first doesn’t mean I’m safe from the night before so i changed the date of the appointment. I told my friend at some point I’d help her with her taxes so she cane upstairs. This was the same woman who helped me get off the floor Sunday night.

I never mind helping people. If I can do some thing I gladly will. However, there is a difference between helping and doing. That’s exactly what ended up happening. I basically not only had to find a program to do her taxes I had to actually input all the information. Do you know how hard stuff like that is on my hands. I even explained it that she’s going to have to put in the information because it’s hard on my hands. The one time she went to do it she like wrote her name and that was that she couldn’t do anything else. Fine, sometimes it’s just faster when I do it by myself and so I just got it done. It was like working with a child because every three minutes she would miss placed the paper or put things out of the water it was so frustrating I want to yell at her stop touching things. She only had two thanks that had to be entered it wasn’t that big of a deal. Then when I printed everything I put everything together what went where. I even looked up the addresses for everything because she’s late filing, she has to mail it in. Yet a second later she has everything out of order again. After the two hour mark of this I’m sure my attitude changed to not the perkiest. I did get it done for her and I had it all organized.

I think what really upset me the most is she wasn’t even appreciative for all that I did. She gave me a thanks as she was leaving but it hardly felt like anything heartfelt. For me I was completely spent. I collapsed on my comfy chair in exhaustion. It was for hard for me doing that work even though it was only two forms. Sitting in my wheelchair all that time didn’t help. I didn’t even discuss the 2 times she let minx out. I don’t need much from others but I felt unappreciated yesterday and truthfully my kidneys was taken for granted. That just didn’t sit well with me for the remainder of the day and night. It is why I woke up not so cheery.

However I pushed myself up today to do my workout. I was really not in any mood.

I kicked Ass!!!!

I needed that and I felt really good. I’m still not spitting out rainbows but I feel a lot better than I did. It just made me happy to share my morning victory.

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