Safety first doesn’t mean I’m safe

Safety first doesn’t mean I’m safe

I try to do the safe things, I really do. Even when I’m trying to be at my safest I still have issues. Let’s take last night as an example. My dad called as I was about to go to the ladies room, so I told him I’d call him back in a minute. On my way back, i safely maneuver my wheelchair directly in front of my comfy chair to make my transfer. Easy and safe. As I was manually moving the wheelchair back away it kind of got away from me. It ended up coming forward again knocking me and the comfy chair completely into my wall off to the side and all out of whack. I was about to stand up and fix my chair myself, but I thought safety first!!!! Since the wheelchair was right there I would get back in the wheelchair and move it from the wheelchair. However, as I was getting into the wheelchair my sweatshirt got caught and ended up moving the wheelchair back and I wasn’t completely in it. Down I slid. I knew it, once there I knew I was in trouble. I thought maybe, just maybe, I didn’t work out today maybe I have enough strength. I made one attempt to get myself up and it didn’t work. After that attempt, I was also unfortunately spent. It was the evening, my body was done regardless of whether I exercised or not.

By now my phone is ringing. My dad is wondering what happened to me. The one minute that I said I’d call him back has now been 20 minutes. He lives in Florida, I’m in New York so I know he’d be worried if I didn’t call back. At the moment he called I was in the middle of my attempt to get back up. When that didn’t work out, I knew I needed to get to my phone to call him. Of course my Apple Watch was charging and too far from reach. My cell phone was the same thing. Thankfully I did have the house phone close from when he called me on the way to the bathroom and I was able to reach it with a little effort. I explained I’m fine but on the floor.

After a few more failed attempts to get up, I called a friend in the condo. She came up to assist me. I explained the wheelchair does most of the work, I just need help with my feet placement. I wasn’t successful the first time but we got it on the second go around. It is so strange because I knew immediately I had it to get myself up. It was all a matter of foot placement. However, when I did stand up my body was in complete spasm and I needed a few minutes before I even could attempt to walk. I got back to my comfy chair and there I stayed for the rest of the night.

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