No other alternative

No other alternative

My Zoey was diagnosed once again with giardia that pesky parasite. Unfortunately it was Minx who brought it in when he came to us. Very unusual I thought for a breeder. Anyway a round of treatment and Minx was cured. We even treated Zoey as a precaution because my Zoey has a disgusting habit of eating poop. When Minx turned up clean a few weeks later, the matter was put to rest, or so I thought.

Zoey started getting sick every other morning before she even ate a thing. Vet said let’s check the stool sample. As soon as she suggested it all of the horrors of my first year with Zoey came back. My beautiful, sweet angel is very sneaky. For over a year we tried everything prescribed and over the counter to stop her from her disgusting snacking habit, nothing worked. On top of that, she kept reinfecting herself with the giardia parasite. It was a nightmare. When she finally tested clear it was a miracle. Yet, here we are again. The habit of hers is more watched but given the chance she will still consume the turds.

My vet this time wanted us to put a soft muzzle on her. Understandably, the habit needs to be broken for Zoey’s own well being. Four to six weeks because Zoey has gone 2 weeks and started again. I really didn’t want to have to do this to her. It breaks my heart. I don’t even know if I could do it by myself with my hand dexterity issues. I decided to try bells on her so I can pinpoint where she is at all times. It worked for the first 5 days but she got to it this morning. In the middle of another treatment for giardia, that is now pointless. I’m so sad to muzzle her. This is breaking my heart.

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  1. They call this tough love and what you doing is the best thing for her. A dog’s love for their owner is unconditional! 🙂

    1. I’m going to try the supplements to deter the behavior one more time. I somewhat blame this morning on myself. ?. I haven’t tried the supplements in years….what is a few more weeks before I try the muzzle. Right?

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