Today is a new day

Today is a new day

Yesterday was not such a great day. I wasn’t even able to get through my workout. I was interrupted by a trip to the bathroom that unfortunately showed my fatigue. I must give myself credit here because we all know I usually push instead of stopping. Persistent isn’t always a good thing. I had physical therapy later in the day and I did some walking. However I hit fatigue fairly quickly with that too. Things went downhill from there. The one arm of my wheelchair still being broken isn’t helping. A normal scoot back into the chair usually takes one, two at most to get myself in position, takes four or five with the broken arm. Definitely causing to much energy to be used. Plus I had to use the bathroom so many times yesterday. I actually took a second Toviaz pill because I was too tired to keep making the trips. I fell asleep on my chair just after 8.

I’m also having bathroom issues again. The one that comes out the back chute. It seems when something starts working, it works for a little while and then it just stops. I’m in a stop mode going on two weeks. My belly is so bloated I look like I’m 6 months pregnant. I’m scared to take anything too strong because it will easily become an accident. I’m taking slow baby steps with my triple calcium magnesium and a laxative. Ive had some movement but not enough. Every day it seems I feel less and less in those regions. I’m not sure what my next move will be.

Tomorrow I have my yearly physical at my primary doctor. Took me 3 months to get this appointment. I try to make sure I go yearly because I rely on my neurologists so much with all my symptoms that I forget about the thousand other things that could go wrong. It’s good to have a history. I’ve actually been with this practice for 20 years If it wasn’t for the wheelchair he still wouldn’t know me.

Today is definitely better than yesterday although I am still tired. My dogs are both asleep on me and I’m done for the day. Happy to be able to just rest now.

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