Persistent isn’t always a good thing

Persistent isn’t always a good thing

Rough morning and it was completely my fault. I decided to wear jeans today for the first time in 8 months. I figured now that I’m wearing this nightgown to bed, let’s not dress like a slob. I got my pants on with a little effort. I don’t unbutton or unzip my jeans since it is difficult for my hands to latch buttons. My pants fit but they usually come up with slightly less effort. I’m not sure if it was the ones I picked, my hands or maybe memory lapse because according to my scale, I’ve been down a few pounds since last winter. Maybe my scale isn’t right!!

Anyway I was perfectly comfortable but I was about to workout. Maybe not the smartest move on my part. It didn’t take long before I started to overheat. I brilliantly thought ok, I’ll take off the jeans and put them on later. Again not as easy to get off. By the time the jeans were off and the lounge pants were on, I used up a tremendous amount of energy. Then I decided to continue with my workout. A workout that was new to me and therefore hard. A workout that had me getting up to do squats in difficult and difficult ways. A workout I knew I was too tired to do because of my genius idea to wear jeans. A workout I decided to push through anyway.

Well long story really really short after one of the squats, I couldn’t get back up. After numerous attempts to get myself back up, I ended up somehow in the worst possible place wedge on my back between the wheelchair and the comfy chair unable to move. I couldn’t get up move to the side, nothing. I stayed there until my aide arrived 40 minutes later.

Everything I could have done wrong I did wrong. Everything I knew better about. Especially I knew my body was too tired to stand up and do squats. I just was too determined to stop. Big mistake on my part. Sometimes my perseverance isn’t a good thing. Today was one of those days. Starting with the jeans. Just dumb moves from the moment I woke up. Live and learn.

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