Kidney sonogram completed

Kidney sonogram completed

So I finally got did the kidney sonogram yesterday. I decided not to start drinking the water until I left the house for the appointment. The appointment was at 2:30 I left my house about 2 o’clock. I have an extremely large water jug I drink every day so I started sucking down my water. The place was nearby so I was there quickly. I did the best I could. It’s a good thing I didn’t start an hour before my appointment as instructed. They were on time to see me, but the table wouldn’t go up and down and I wasn’t able to get on. I had to wait for a different room for a half an hour. Guess what, by then my bladder was full and thankfully I had no accidents. Go Me!!! The little things you get to be proud over when you have MS.

I have no idea what the sonogram of the kidneys showed. I do know that the bladder sonogram was done while full and after I relieved myself. After I did use the bathroom, there was still a significant amount of urine left in the bladder. This is a problem, however not unexpected. Even the tech said this is normal with incontinence because the bladder just doesn’t function right. It’s the reason I go to the bathroom so frequently because my bladder never empties correctly. I don’t know what can be done, if anything. I’m sure I’ll hear from the urologist soon.

After the test was done I decided to go get my flu shot at my local pharmacy. I must say they had this cute little side room to give the shots and the pharmacist was super nice. I kind of rebelled with the flu shot after I stopped working at the nursing home. I had to have the flu shot every year and a tuberculosis test done. So I think when I stop working I just didn’t want to do the shot anymore. However with Covid around again I figured I should definitely have the shot so I did it

I didn’t want to get out of bed today. I don’t know if that was flu shot or weather related. It is another rainy day in NY. I did get up, took care of my furry babies and worked out. Now I’m planning on doing nothing for the remainder of the afternoon. I’m a girl with a plan.

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  1. I’m sorry you are having bladder issues…I have struggled with bladder issues since age 14…struggle to void and definitely struggle emptying…I feel like I can’t get empty so much of the time…have had urethra stretches and other things…my urologist is so good and he put me on climax which has helped with the emptying and spasms…this drug is normally given to men with enlarged prostrate…it has really helped me…I feel like I have a urinary infectIon most of the time…jus my curse with the MS among other things. Prayers you feel better…does not take much to wear me out…I’ll be 69 next month…Blessings…

    1. Thank you so much for the information. I don’t know how I feel about Toviaz which is what I take for the bladder. I can say that it doesn’t help I need a water pill as well for edema. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully the urologist has some insight. Feel well.

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