Simple things to make life a little easier

Simple things to make life a little easier

First let me say happy Veterans Day. A very grateful thank you for all that have served in our military forces. That is truly a brave and courageous act that should never be unrecognized by any citizen of the United States.

I was supposed to have my yearly physical yesterday. It took me two months to get this appointment because of Covid. I was called early in the morning that the doctor had to cancel because she was unwell. I now was scheduled for December 2nd. Good thing this wasn’t an emergency or anything. Geez. Today is pretty busy too. I have physical therapy and directly after I have that sonogram on my kidneys. I was about to cancel the test altogether because drinking 36 ounces of water an hour before the test and holding it in was never going to happen. Hello, I have incontinence. However, they explained to me that if I have to go to the bathroom it’s OK they understand. It’s just what they prefer. Well if they told me that in the beginning, I wouldn’t have canceled the first time I scheduled the test. I’ll do my best.

I did something different last night for the first time in about 20 some odd years. I wore a nightgown to sleep. When I got my infusion last time, my nurse said “why don’t I just wear a gown instead of constantly having to pick up and pull down pants? It would probably be so much less taxing on yourself.” The answer was because I’ve gone to sleep in pants and T-shirt since college. I never thought to not. I actually bought a short sleeve and long sleeve nightgown. I just never wore them. 

Well last night, I was exhausted. For the first time I said I wonder where they are and if it will make it easier. So my aid found them for me and I put on the longsleeve one. Of course just like everything else I wear I bought it five sizes too big so it was super comfortable and roomy. I wasn’t even cold having my legs exposed. The truth was, it was easier. Once again it won’t give me tons of energy, but anything that can make my life just a little bit easier, I need to use to my advantage. I ordered another two more long sleeves for now. My birthday is coming up so I figured it would be a good present. Who knew? Simple things that can make a little difference.

It’s hump day everyone. Weekend is right around the corner. Hope you all have a happy day. 

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