Happiness is two dogs and a comfy chair

Happiness is two dogs and a comfy chair

I’m exhausted. I just can’t start this blog any other way. I’ve been tired all week, shocking, I know. I think a major part of my fatigue has been the broken arms of my wheelchair. It was so difficult to get myself in position with that broken arm. I had my appointment yesterday. They were coming between the hours of 12-4. They showed up at 6:45. I was just so thankful they came I didn’t care what time it was. It took maybe 20 minutes and it was fixed. I was extremely grateful to the guy. I gave him a little monetary tip. I don’t know proper protocol but I knew he could have canceled his last appointments and he didn’t. I wish I could have done more.

I’ve had a rough morning. My exercise program once again was tough but not because of the program but because of the interruptions. 8 phone calls were received during my hour long exercise. 1 of which I needed to answer. Normally I don’t pick up the phone when I exercise but Ive called this place 3 times. I went to get the phone but they hung up by the time i got there. Then there was Minx. He normally plays with his toys. Once in a while he gets into something he shouldn’t. Today he got into everything he shouldn’t. I was constantly chasing him down. By the end of my program my energy was spent. I hate not having a good workout, puts me in a lousy mood.

My weekend plans are thankfully minimal. I really do need downtime. I haven’t been doing much yet I feel like I’ve been constantly busy. I need a few days to stop moving. Im going to be very happy on my chair with my puppies. That sounds like a really good day to me. 

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