New Apple Watch fitness suggestions

New Apple Watch fitness suggestions

I have a bond to pick with my Apple Watch. In the fitness settings there should be a track for disabled. That track should be worth double of that of a person who is well because each move for me is 10 times harder. My heart rate tracker I’ll never understand, I’m huffing and puffing and it’s saying like 109. I think as someone disabled I should be earning double the calories burned as well as earning double the time spent just because I did it. I’d also appreciate that someone set this in my body as well. I should get extra credit for every exhausting step I take. I should get bonus fitness points for getting dressed and showering. My body can sometimes feel like it just worked out so shouldn’t that register on my Apple Watch?

I am once again on my floor as I was trying something new in my workout and couldn’t transfer back to my chair correctly. It’s been a long time. I was close. I had my butt on my stool was ready to pull up and I failed. My legs didn’t have the power. It was exhausting just trying to get myself in the right position to even attempt to stand up. I actually still had my fitness workout running at the time. I’m completely fatigued in every muscle and my heart rate was 107. I’m dying on the floor in a complete sweat and I my heat rate was as if I was brushing my teeth briskly. I mean really!!!!! No matter how long, how hard, how often, once fatigue hits , it’s like I’ve done nothing. Every muscle is useless. Completely forgets they have any strength at all.

My aide will be her momentarily. Minx just stole the straw to my ice coffee and Zoey is keeping me company.

Let me know if we can get this program on the Apple Watch and the one for my body.

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  1. Whether your Apple Watch knows it or not, we do know it and get exactly what you are saying. I’m sure on some days just writing your blog can fatigue you for the entire day, where you Apple Watch looks at you as just being sedentary.

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