Multiple sclerosis issues at non opportune times

Multiple sclerosis issues at non opportune times

 today is going much better than yesterday. I even stayed in bed a little longer today which was nice. Then I got a whole Lotta Lovin from my puppies. I got up, fed everybody, brushed my teeth and worked out. I did my flexibility stuff and then finished yesterday’s workout. That always makes me happy . Not that I really doubted myself, but I’m glad I finished it. I don’t like things done halfway. Now I’m back on my comfy chair, with both puppies on a writing my blog. I do have something I wanted to discuss, another embarrassing symptom. I was wondering if anybody else has this issue...

I’ve discussed numerous times about bowel and the bladder issues that multiple sclerosis has plagued me with over the years. I’ve had many embarrassing and humiliating experiences. Yet there’s one other thing that happens that I haven’t ever talked about. Yet it’s one other thing I can’t control and can also be extremely embarrassing,…farting.

When I was just a teenager I remember looking up the word for it and the definition said an explosion between the legs. I have no idea where I saw this, but it was words I have never forgot in over 40 years. Where this may sound odd to you, keep in mind I had an encyclopedia that had a paragraph on multiple sclerosis. Anyway, those little explosions, I can’t hold them because I have no control over those muscles. There is just so many times you could blame a dog. Especially since my current dogs don’t really fart that often. My Boomer, he farted a lot. I could’ve blamed it all on him.

Sometimes if I’m in my wheelchair, I try to wheel away for a ridiculous reason, but let’s be real, you know that never works. It always happens at the worst timing. Like when you’re practicing getting up off the floor with your physical therapist. Then your butt becomes like a musical instrument. The proper “excuse me” can only go so far. Especially if there’s a scent with sound. Once again a big thank you to MS, letting you know it can embarrass you even on a good day.

As embarrassing as this stuff is, you have to laugh. It’s like The friends episode where Monica runs into Richard and has static cling attaching her underwear to her jacket. She says she was doing laundry or the universe might’ve just seen an opportunity. MS has a comic roll as well. Thank you MS for all of those opportunities you take.

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  1. I think we can all relate to this one. Dr Oz addressed his subject on on oof his shows where I learned that the human body lets out gas (Farts) over 17 times a day, super model or not it just happens and we are in good company. As for many of us with MS, such as me it just always seems to be bad timing like everything else. I remember as a child walking with grandfather as he farted with overstep. Have I become my grandfather? another thing to thank MS for 🙁

  2. I was just thinking earlier I swear I fart ten times the amount I did before. And I can’t think of why. No beans, broccoli, cabbage. Makes me not want to hang out with people 🙁

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