80’s item to solve current day MS issue

80’s item to solve current day MS issue

Another night of interrupted sleep. You know it was a bad night when you already have 6 boxes of stand credit on your Apple Watch that just reset at 12am. I was up every other hour to use the bathroom. The only time I actually slept longer than two hours was from 6:30-9. I wish someone could explain that one to me. I don’t drink a lot at bedtime. I didn’t even use the bathroom that frequently during the day. I’m not even going to say the words I too often use to start my blog. Thankfully I have coffee.

I can tell you that I am having major temperature issues at night. I started to wear a nightgown to bed. I must say it is quite cute and very me. I can sit on my chair and watch tv and be totally comfortable temperature wise, but not in my room. I very rarely turn heat on when I get into bed because I’m usually warm. Plus I have a heavy blanket on my bed. However, I always wake up and I’m cold. Especially in my legs where the nightgown probably moved away from my calves. My legs can be freezing sometimes. It isn’t like they aren’t covered by my blanket.

Like being overheated, being cold can come with its own set of challenges. If I don’t warm up, a chill can lead to shivers and shakes that do not stop. The only thing that has ever worked to remove a deep chill like that is a shower. The shower ends up being super hot (I’ve come out with bright red skin). I then have muscle issues because of the heat. I go back into bed bundled up in layers of clothes. A few hours later I’d wake up sweating. I use to experience this all the time when I took Betaseron. I haven’t had as many incidents with the chills as I did during that time but I still have had them. When I’ve been waking up cold recently I’ve been turning on my heat hoping it doesn’t become worse. So far it hasn’t and I wake up sweating the next time I’m up but I wonder when will be the time I can’t get warm.

I like the nightgown it is comfy and easier especially for the millions of trips I take to the bathroom. I just don’t know if I can keep my calves exposed. I think it is causing the change in my temperature. I was actually thinking do they still make leg warmers? That could solve my problem. Can you tell I’m an 80’s girl? I’m going to check it out. Bell bottoms came back..

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