An unexpected gift from the universe

An unexpected gift from the universe

I’m here at the family court house. First time I’ve ever been down here. Thank you to my ex-husband for never making me file anything relating to our divorce agreement. I’m not here for me today. I drove a friend well technically my ex-boyfriend’s mom down here because she asked me for a favor and she doesn’t drive. I’d say this was my good deed of the day but my thoughts have been so impure I can’t even say that. My intentions were certainly pure. These people have always been so good to me I’d never turn my back on them that is who I am as a person. They respect me enough to not talk about him to me but they are a constant reminder whether the conversation is about him or not. Truth is I did love him wholeheartedly and I was hurt wholeheartedly. Most days I’ve forgiven and moved past but some days I struggle with it. I’m still waiting for the day where a thought about him doesn’t even enter my head good or bad but that hasn’t happened yet but I know I’m on the right track and I know one day I will completely forget. So here I am doing a nice thing and I’m feeling worse and worse because thoughts keep entering my head. Then the universe stepped in and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over and a woman asked me a question. Well I talked to that woman over an hour about ex-husbands, kids and dating. She was a beautiful woman and was certainly an angel sent to me at the right moment. Amazingly she said she was so happy to have asked me the question instead of someone else. By the way I didn’t even know the answer never being here before. We exchanged numbers so we could hang out again. Another blessing since I’ve been looking for new friends. What started dark turned light. I’m still at the court house and the lovely woman has left but my thoughts have turned back to happy and I feel better. I’m an honest and good person. I’m helping this friend not because who she’s related to but because she’s good to me and if I needed she’d help me in anyway she could. To me that’s the reason I did this. I’m glad I got my bad thoughts out of the way to remember this.

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  1. I never think it is bad to remember past relationships. We invested so much of ourselves into it. We love and are loved in return and that is a beautiful gift. The healing from the hurt will come and love will come a knock’n again.

    1. It’s very true but the relationship isn’t the issue, the hurt isn’t healed. It’s the hurt I try everyday to forgive.

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