What do you think when you look in the mirror?

What do you think when you look in the mirror?


What do you think when you look in the mirror? I wake up every morning and the very first thing I do before I pick up my toothbrush is look in the mirror.  I look at my face for new blemishes, makeup that didn’t wash off completely, my hair and the mess that it is.  I look at the deep line in my forehead wishing I had Botox. I look at the other lines on my face that seem more pronounced then yesterday. I see the dark circles under my eyes although I’ve slept. I see every flaw on my face within a 30 second scan. The ritual I do each morning is a quick process but the issue is I do it everyday and it’s the first real thoughts that start my day.  I start my day bashing myself in the mirror.  I set up my day around negative thoughts and I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  I have NEVER in my life woke up and said “good morning beautiful face lets do this day”.  It’s such a subconscious thing my morning ritual I never even realized what thoughts i was putting out into the world before I even put a toothbrush to my teeth.  I’ve been under the delusion that the first thing I do each morning is read from my workbook of A Course in Miracles and by doing that I’m setting up the positive thoughts for the day but I’m really not.  Not only am I not I probably can go back further because when my feet hit the floor getting out of bed, guess what, MIRROR.  I have no choice but to look. My thoughts are so fast and fleeting I honestly don’t remember what they were. I know for sure I look and judge myself on some level for some flaw regardless of the realization I’m doing it.  Ive learned your thoughts create your world. I’ve said before in other blogs and I’ll say it again today the path I’ve chosen has no end, I will be learning and realizing and improving everyday forever.  Sometimes these realizations hit me like a ton of bricks, today was no exception.  I’m on day 55 in my workbook so for 55 days I’ve been under the impression I’m starting my day off positively when my morning ritual has been in place for the last 30+ years. First step is realization, second step is willingness to change it.  I have vision boards and notes on my mirrors in my room (first mirror I look at) but the room is dark so I need something that grabs the attention. Big block letters maybe:


got to think how to do this. Second one needs to be in the bathroom.  Something like:


Bathroom mirror smaller can’t have a long sentence. Anyway no matter what the sentence I need to retrain my thoughts.  I need to stop the self bashing but I need to do this on all aspects because I’m my toughest critic and work on the positive thoughts when looking at myself in the mirror.  After all there is only one ME as there is only one YOU. That makes us unique and splendid and one of a kind.  I think that is a pretty great thing to be.


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