One month no scale challenge

One month no scale challenge


I am my own worst enemy. It really is a joke. I keep the scale away to prevent my own sabotage but all that really happens is the sabotage is put off. I knew I was down weight so I stepped upon the evil scale. Again I wasn’t technically down weight just back to my normal weight I usually am.  Still not taking off an ounce of the 20lb I still want to loose BUT did take off the few extra pounds I put on from my last sabotage excursion. So guess what? Ship sailed again and I’m back up the couple of pounds.  It really is a vicious cycle for me.  Now I’m going to do something really crazy.  I’m not going to step on a scale until October 1.  It is basically a month away.  I know how to eat, what to eat. I know how to exercise. I really just know I am my own worst enemy and I’m obsessed completely obsessed with a number.  I have just started a new 90 day workout routine called Chalene extreme from  I’ve done this years ago and it will put more muscle into my body.  That’s cool.  One month no scale that is my new goal. If I succeed and I do loose weight I think I need to throw away the scale. My guess is skinny people don’t weigh themselves as much as fat people. Guess what, if I loose a pound you’ll never see it anyway.  Ok challenge extended and accepted by me.  One month.

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