Never forget 9/11/01

Never forget 9/11/01

I just arrived at work. Shut my car off. As I did every morning I listened to Howard Stern on my drive to work. Nothing unusual as I got out of the car. I was early. Work started at 9 but I got in around 8:45. It was minutes after I walked in when my husband called to tell me a plane hit the World Trade Center. He heard it on Howard Stern. It still would be another 15 minutes before the real understanding that this was a terrorist attack would become evident when the second plane hit the second tower.

The fear of that day I can never forget. My daughter was 2 years old in day care and I wanted to leave to get her. My boss didn’t really care. We watched the news all morning but it was work as normal for the afternoon. I will never forget my fear and I didn’t have someone in the towers, a firefighter or a policeman. This picture always reminds me of those people in those towers and the fear they felt.

This is why we can never forget. To all who lost their life and all the heroes, never forget.

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  1. Good morning. In ways big and small that tragic day is seared in the collective conscience of all of us, Americans. The day before, September 10, I boarded a Lan Chile plane in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires bound for Miami. After breakfast , the captain informed us that we could not land in MIA yet and that the had to circle the airport until he was given the go-ahead from the Control Tower. He did it for almost half an hour until he was given permission, with little fuel to spare. As soon as we landed, the door facing the Business section ( where I was seated) opened up and a cohort of military personnel and police burst in. Terrifying. We were herded out of the plane and had to go through a police checking point before being allowed to leave the airport. It was the end of innocence for all of us.
    A big kiss. Arrivederci.

    1. Good morning. That’s quite a story and positively terrifying. It changed everything for so many people and it will never be the same. I was at the World Trade Center a month before my whole family for a fundraiser and then they were gone.

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