Dealing with MS with a smile

Dealing with MS with a smile

I just got off the phone with my neurologist, we are going to stick with the Adderall for now. I mentally feel great physically I feel ehhh. The good thing about it is I’m chipper again because I’m not falling asleep feeling like I’m in a cloud. That’s the good news. I don’t feel tired even though my body gives out.

I’m venturing out today to play mahjong and be amongst friends. Tomorrow I’m having dinner with my friend. Other than that I have no other plans than to rest.

My infusion is Sunday which may knock me down again for another week. A full dose of Rituxan. No big deal I’ve done these infusions many times now but they are long and they take their toll on the body too. I’m ok though just smiling through the day as best I can. Weather is changing, windows are open and I’m ok.

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