Tough morning

Tough morning

I got rid of the migraine that I had for three days straight. Nothing worked until I used a little medicinal marijuana for the first time in years. That at least took the edge off because it helped release the spasticity through my back. I woke up this morning ready to take on the day pain free.

I wanted to swim this morning first thing. I was excited to once again try to hit my mile goal swimming laps. I had my music ready and I was off. It was 9:20 and I knew I’d need to swim about an hour to hit it for sure unless I wanted to count laps. That was the goal. Mentally I was so ready. Physically my body wasn’t.

I knew about 15 minutes in that it wasn’t going well. My left arm wasn’t getting around fully for the stroke. Within the next 10 minutes I was really struggling. I was almost swimming with one arm. So disappointed because I was so ready to swim today. By 30 minutes I could do no more. For the first time ever my aid had to physically lift me out of the pool. I had nothing left. My body gave out on me.

I’ve been sitting here in my wheelchair still in my bathing suit and robe since I came up from the pool, it has been almost an hour. I haven’t had the energy yet to try to change and shower. Wasn’t expecting this day to go like this. I thought I’d be blogging about hitting my mile goal. Turns out this was the worst I’ve ever been in the pool since I relearned to swim. You know what? It happens, I will hopefully hit the goal another day. As always accept and adapt.

2 thoughts on “Tough morning

  1. So sorry to hear that you are struggling today Jamie. Take some time to rest and then I hope you will be back in the water really soon. I have to say that I am super impressed with your motivation and ability to keep swimming, I struggle so much. Sending you energy from across the pond xx

    1. Thanks Jen I regained strength as the day went on. Don’t know what happened this morning but at least I got out there or in there ?. Some days are just tough.

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